Productive! Magazine no. 20 - the top quotes

Here is the list of quotes from the latest issue of Productive! Magazine. We are going to use them to promote this edition and show our appreciation for the great contribution by the authors of the articles. Do not hesitate to use any of the below sentences to share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook etc. The magazine is free, is contains no ads and offers a whole range of ever-green, practical tips.

Interview with Joost Wouters

  • "People write so many e-mails that they can hardly find time to think or to be with their team" @joostwouters in
  • "The problem with managing everything with your email is that you become stuck in a reactive mode" @joostwouters in
  • "Your inbox is not your to-do box or storage box or one-day-when-I-have-time-I-will-do-this box" @joostwouters in
  • "Set the e-mail time for just before lunch or before you leave." @joostwouters in
  • "I am really happy I don’t have, let’s say, a predictable day." @joostwouters in

Time management tips for blogging by Jill Celeste

  • "Brainstorm a list of blog topics. Knowing what you're going to write about is half the battle." @Jill_Celeste in
  • "Won’t it upset my readers if I repurpose content they have already seen? The answer is no." @Jill_Celeste in
  • "To help combat writer’s block, consider varying the format of your blog posts." @Jill_Celeste in

Procrastination: the tricks by Gonçalo Gil Mata

  • "Procrastination is protecting you from going forward with whatever might make you feel bad later" @GoncaloGilMata in
  • "Trick yourself into doing something really easy to begin the task" @GoncaloGilMata. Why? Read in
  • "Don’t stop at every crossroad in order to make the perfect decision: you’re just delaying success." @GoncaloGilMata in

How to escape a productivity rut by Laura Stack

  • "Climbing out of a workplace productivity rut requires careful planning combined with serious action" @laurastack in
  • "Will you stumble along the way? Probably, but don’t let that stop you." @laurastack in
  • "If the project seems overwhelming, break it into pieces you can manage one at a time." @laurastack in

Music at work: productivity help or hindrance? by James Tonn

  • "Music is most often a horrible distraction from high focus work" @saintjamesplace in
  • "Our limbic system monitors our surroundings for danger and reward." @saintjamesplace in
  • "In order to focus, the limbic system needs to take it easy and stop looking for bears at Starbucks" @saintjamesplace in

What are your options when you are about to miss a big goal? by Michael Hyatt

  • "What are your options when you are about to miss a big goal?" @MichaelHyatt in
  • "The messy middle - it’s that spot where everything is harder than you expected it to be." @MichaelHyatt in
  • "When I can’t recommit, and I don’t want to revise, then removal is a valid option." @MichaelHyatt in

Creativity and productivity by Graham Allcott

  • "Planning creates a mindset that in turn creates the ability to think and act more spontaneously" @grahamallcott in
  • "Everyone can be creative. And that doesn’t mean everyone needs to paint pictures..." @grahamallcott in
  • Instead of asking “why aren’t I writing the book?” I started asking “how do I create the space I need?” @grahamallcott in

Posted on Sunday, June 1, 2014