Productive! Magazine no. 22 — Tweets

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Interview with Crystal Paine

"We're careful with our money & intentional with how we spend it, and so, making that a priority." @MoneySavingMom in

"Once you start the practice of saying “no”, it makes it a lot easier to do it more and more." @MoneySavingMom in

"There is so much fulfillment and peace in my life that stem from being more minimalistic" @MoneySavingMom in

Greg is in a rut. Why a mentor can help him. — Lory Fischler

"You might want to shake things up by finding a mentor to help you develop yourself & move forward." Lory Fischler in

"Those who engage in mentoring relationships are less stressed and increase their productivity." Lory Fischler in

"If a potential mentor’s talents don’t line up with your needs, you will end up making a bad trade-off." Lory Fischler in

Sleeping your way to the top of the productivity ladder (literally!) - Sara Caputo

"Catching more Z’s and inviting the Sandman over are proven methods to increase one’s productivity." @Radiant in

"Did you know that missing just one hour of sleep can cause memory loss and depression?" @Radiant in

"Make sure you're tired physically&mentally. No sense dragging a bone-weary body to bed if your mind's racing" @Radiant in

Do not eat that frog… immediately — Andrzej Bernardyn

"Starting a day with the most difficult task, in most cases, is counterproductive. Let me explain you why" @ABernardyn in

"We're humans & if something scares us, we'd find numerous excuses in order not to tackle the hard thing" @ABernardyn in

"Before you eat that frog, consume a few tadpoles :)" @ABernardyn in

Protecting your team in a competitive workplace — Laura Stack

How to protect your team in a competitive workplace? Read the article by @laurastack in

"In a large organization, your co-workers care most about their own productivity, not yours" @laurastack in

"Find ways to go around hidebound “dinosaur brains” to do what’s best for the team." @laurastack in

Lessons from a 4-day working week — Graham Allcott

"Some recent reports in the UK have pointed to the potential economic benefits of a four-day week" @grahamallcott in

"The dilemma when we adopted the 4-day week model was whether it would actually increase productivity" @grahamallcott in

"Knowing u only have 4 days, u feel that by the end of tomorrow you’ll be halfway through your week!" @grahamallcott in

3 components of any personal system — Gonçalo Gil Mata

3 components of any personal productivity system @GoncaloGilMata in

"You need collectors that can provide safety and focus" @GoncaloGilMata in

"Responding immediately rarely means you are being productive." @GoncaloGilMata in

Top 10 most creative life hacks for businesses — Anna Morrish

"Top 10 most creative life hacks for businesses" by Anna Morrish @DMCSoftware in

"Britons spend 62 million hours a day on social media" quotes Anna Morrish @DMCSoftware in

Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2014