Productive! Magazine no. 23 — Tweets

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Interview with Mike St. Pierre

"That's what great bloggers do. They get to the point, they understand people are busy" @mikekstpierre in

"If social media stress you out or take time away from your family you don't need to use it" @mikekstpierre in

"Give yourself permission to try new things & be intentional about how you're using social media" @mikekstpierre in

"More schools should focus on what projects do they have that they can use technology to execute" @mikekstpierre in

What it takes to be successful at mentoring - Lory Fischler

"Mentors understand the value of mentoring and want to help others coming up behind them." #LoryFischler

"5 proven principles that work for mentees" by #LoryFischler #centerformentoringexcellence

"(Mentoring relationship) is not a place for debate, arguing and defending." #LoryFischler

It’s not back to basics, but sticking with the basics - Sara Caputo

"With chronic sleep deprivation attention and focus are highjacked, everything gets wonky..." @Radiant in

"The more friction there is between you and your plan, the less likely you are to execute it." @Radiant in

"Is your space hindering or enhancing your focus? Take a look around and answer for yourself." @Radiant in

Do you Kanban Kids? - Rafa Garcia

"How to improve our home life&prepare our children for their future in an enjoyable way?" #RafaGarcia #valor20

"Explain, build and design your Kanban with your own kids." #RafaGarcia #valor20

"Now, instead of repeating orders dozen of times, you just stick a colorful sticky note." #RafaGarcia #valor20

Productive changes in life - Gonçalo Gil Mata

"To change is to break loose, and that hurts." @GoncaloGilMata in

"Inside us are two pilots who seem to have different missions..." @GoncaloGilMata in

"Irreversible decisions that change your fate forever can be frightening" @GoncaloGilMata in

5 unexpected things I learned this summer - Grace Marshall

"When you have great systems set up, you miss them when they’re gone" @GraceMarshall in

"If you say >I’ll just< be aware that work can be bigger than it initially seems." @GraceMarshall in

"Sometimes we have to break our own rules to discover just how valuable they are." @GraceMarshall in

The Pareto Principle in action - Cesar Abeid

"Have you ever felt that sometimes the least amount of effort is what yields the most results?" @PM4TM in

"Let me share with you how I apply the Pareto Principle every day." @PM4TM in

"Set aside min. 1 hour every day to do focused work on tasks that are connected to your life goals." @PM4TM in

3 habits that stand in your way of your productivity - Timo Kiander

" brutally honest about the reasons why you are procrastinating" @ProductiveSd in

"You should accomplish three important tasks (a.k.a "big rocks") rather than 50 low-value ones" @ProductiveSd in

"Get enough sleep using your body’s natural rhythm!" @ProductiveSd in

Smashing data silos and clearing information bottlenecks - Laura stack

When you have to go hat-in-hand to a tinpot leader to get what you need, things have gone seriously wrong. @laurastack in

Smashing data silos and clearing information bottlenecks by @LauraStack

"...lead by example: open your data to everyone who needs it, and encourage other team leaders to do the same.

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 (tweets)