Productive! Magazine No.24 — how to build a scalable $1.7M business on the side

This issue offers you some precious advice regarding various aspects of your productivity ranging from psychological mechanisms that rule human actions to productivity myths and ways to build a profitable, scalable company while having a day job and a family.

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James Tonn, Podium Publishing co-founder, tells us how did he manage to develop a $1.7M company, keeping his regular job and not neglecting his personal life.

"You take a company, create it from day one to be scalable and grow it over the years and it really comes down to being pretty minimal, launching before you really feel too comfortable, which you know in the software world, and learning along the way and making tweaks and testing, so it's pretty fun."

Lory Fischler of Leadership Development Services explains why and how to mentor, proving that mentoring works both ways and brings profits not only to a mentee.

"Mentors help their mentees explore their career direction and areas of interest. They work collaboratively to set the goals that will get them there."

Rafa Garcia, who helps knowledge-workers improve their self-organization, shows how to get kids into self-organization applying the technology.

"A very effective way of getting kids into this issue, is technology. They are so naturally used to tablets, laptops or consoles, that they will enjoy collecting commissions as much as if they were Super Mario collecting coins."

Graham Allcott of Think Productive focuses on the science of thinking and decision-making. He indicates the processes behind human actions and links that with productivity.

"What this study found is that your ability to delay gratification has huge ramifications, not just for your ability to consume marshmallows, but also in your health, wealth and education."

Gonçalo Gil Mata, the founder of MIND4TIME, shows you what element to add to your productivity system, in order to better manage your focus and avoid the reactive mode.

"Although a system itself will never replace the need for you to make choices and risk an option to focus on, having good guiding elements is the way to go. In fact, building proactive guidance is how you protect yourself against all the attractive fresh new emails and similar requests for attention."

Productive SuperdadTimo Kiander uncovers three common productivity myths that can be busted by science.

"I’ll now present 3 common "truths" about productivity and what science has to say about them. After reading this, you’ll look at the statements differently, without taking them at face value."

Laura Stack of The Productivity Pro®, Inc. tells you how to retool your meetings to make them more effective.

"Working on slashing the time you spend in meetings offers an excellent way for you to free up more time for your profitable, productive work, and there are several ways you can go about it."

Posted on Thursday, November 6, 2014 (scalability,James Tonn)