Productive! Magazine No. 20 with Joost Wouters - deal with your inbox in 15 minutes

This issue, as usually, begins with an inspiring interview. This time, our Editor in Chief got to talk to Joost Wouters - international business consultant and the author of "The 15-Minute Inbox" - a book on controlling your email and creating time.

Check it out to see how to easily harness your email inbox and learn more about Joost's productivity-related experiences.

"People are spending so much time in their inbox. It is like they are leading their teams with e-mail. They write so many e-mails that they can hardly find time to think or to be with their team."

Then, continue reading and enjoy 7 practical articles on efficient blogging, creativity and productivity boosting music.

Productive! 20

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Inside the latest issue

In this edition of our monthly magazine, you will read a great article and practical articles by amazing people whose aim is to show you how to manage your time and projects in order to gain an extra day or two. Their articles are backed by years of experience and work with clients from all over the world.

"Everyone’s agendas are put in your e-mail mailbox. It is not your agenda. If you spend your whole day being reactive, you are like a fire fighter. You are constantly reacting to things. And the people I work with get paid to be proactive business builders rather than reactive fire fighters."

Exclusive interview with Joost Wouters, the author of The 15-minutes inbox and a consultant who helps business leaders to identify and remove obstacles on their way to substantial growth.

"For many, blogging can be a total time drain, but with the right techniques, you can blog more efficiently."

Jill Celeste, a Personal Branding Coach, offers you 5 easy to implement time management tips you can use for more efficient blogging.

"Whatever gives you sparkling eyes and stomach butterflies will usually point you towards a valuable experience. Acknowledge it and just accept bumps on the road as being part of life!"

If you read the previous article by Gonçalo Gil Mata (, you are now ready to learn his 5 tricks you can use to effectively deal with procrastination.

"It doesn’t matter if your poor performance stems from boredom, overwork, or a lack of interest in leading your team properly. Whatever the cause, when you do the minimum expected, you’ll get minimum rewards at best."

Beware. No matter how good your intentions or how well you follow the rules, one day you can realize you’ve worn your way down into a productivity rut. Laura Stack (The Productivity Pro) knows some ways to avoid such situations. Check them out.

"Imagine a caveman working with his back to the opening of a cave. No matter how hard he focuses on his work, his limbic system is constantly monitoring the cave entrance. This system functions mostly in his subconscious, but when a twig snaps, for example, the limbic system consciously warns him of the sound."

Do you listen to music at work? If so, are you sure it helps and not hinders your productivity? James Tonn (Podium Publishing) wrote a fantastic article about the way music impacts our efficiency.

"(...) actually it’s not as insane as it first sounds: planning creates a mindset that in turn creates the ability to think and act more spontaneously. The same is true for creativity."

Learn 5 ways to think more productively about creativity and more creatively about productivity by Graham Allcott from Think Productive.

"I too easily forget that the messy middle is part of every big dream, every goal, every attempt to improve. I keep thinking if I can plan better, I will avoid the pain and breeze through to the finish. It almost never happens that way."*

Find out what are your options when you are about to miss a big goal. Michael Hyatt wrote an amazing and motivating article based on his own experience with Platform University campaign that might have failed...

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Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014